We are a Different Kind of Billboard Company

At Link Outdoor, we are not here to just sell ads. We are here to help you meet your business objectives and solve problems. But more than that, we want to shake up the industry and help establish the standard for getting the most from your billboard marketing.

What We Offer


Digital Billboard

Digital billboards can do more than simply display bright static images. We’ll help you engage your customers to inform – not just advertise – by integrating dynamic content into your message. Digital billboards provide many benefits such as no production costs, multiple messages updated in real time to achieve multiple goals, and dynamic content.


Marketing Expertise

We want to help our advertisers maximize their billboard marketing. We don’t just sell ads – we offer strategic, creative ideas to help you drive your business, achieve your goals, and solve problems.


Real Time Instant Updates

Adapt to the current market conditions by keeping your message relevant to the real-time interests of your customers. With digital billboards and dynamic content, Link Media can change your message or your ad in real time based on parameters that you set to meet your needs.


Dynamic Content

By integrating dynamic content such as weather, headlines, sports scores, breaking news, and most importantly integrating with your customer’s social media, you can provide content and information in addition to your message. This increases the value of your marketing because people look to digital billboards for information.


Vibrant Images

It doesn’t matter if you choose traditional or digital or a combination of both, we use state of the art technology to deliver the highest quality images in our markets to help your message stand out.


Premium Locations

Our billboard network is strategically designed to maximize placement in high-traffic areas, ensuring that your message will consistently be seen by many. We are also growing through organic development and acquisitions to continue to provide the best locations in the markets we serve.

Traditional Billboards

Billboards are the largest, and most impactful form of outdoor media. Link Media offers a variety of traditional billboards strategically located in our markets to provide large market coverage. Traditional billboards allow you to cost effectively communicate your message to your customers.
  • I have had the pleasure of working with the Link Media Outdoor team on several projects. They are professional, and incredibly bright. They have a knack for drilling down on a problem and finding an immediate solution without wasting any time on minutia. I believe their expertise comes from the well-rounded business background of their leadership team allowing them to provide success at every stop along the way. They are ahead of the curve on Digital outdoor advertising and they are able to deliver results.

    Testimonial Max Drachman, Kalil & Company