About Us

Link Media Outdoor is a different kind of Billboard Company. We are not just “salespeople” out to sell you ads. We are business people too, who believe in the power of billboards to strategically communicate with customers. Like you, we offer a product that faces competition in the market place.  Like you, we need to be strategic in how we communicate our product’s superiority.  This is how we succeed and help you to succeed.

That is why we are different. We don’t just tell you our billboards are the best, and we don’t rely on “because we said so” to justify our billboards, suggestions or prices.

Instead, we:

  • Learn about you and your business
  • Ask you questions about your business, strategies, and goals
  • Analyze what you tell us so we can make solid recommendations
  • Combine our experience with actual data to ensure our billboards meet your needs and will achieve your objectives
  • Provide data analysis during the campaign to help you make the best decisions
  • Review the results and adjust as necessary


We don’t do this because it is simple or easy. It’s neither. We do it because it is the right thing to do. We do it because we know if you succeed, we succeed. We do this because we’re not a typical billboard company.