Digital Billboard Strategy

Digital Billboards combine the strength of static billboards with the flexibility of electronic media, like radio and TV. With a set location, the advertiser picks the audience size and life-group that sees the billboard.
Adding the Digitals, combines vivid colors with new technologies, connecting the advertiser with the consumer in innovative ways.
  • The Digital display allows the ads to change by time of day or day of week. The Monday morning ad can be different than the Friday afternoon message. The audience’s mindset is different – so shouldn’t the messaging.
  • The copy can rotate highlighting various products or services. This allows the use of multiple co-op sources, features of what you specialize in and presents a broader range of benefits.
  • Social media can be integrated, to allow Facebook or Twitter posts to activate a promotion or event.
  • Real time data streaming can create urgency by using countdown clocks. Enhance the connection by incorporating time and temperature and scores/news or weather forecasts.
  • Digital displays also work as directional.

37% of travelers noticed directional digital billboards. What we all want our advertising to do, was revealed in the Nielsen study; 22% changed plans and visited the advertiser that was advertising on the digital.