Asset Divestitures

America’s Fastest Growing Billboard Company

Thinking of Selling Your Assets?

Asset divestiture can be an effective economic and operational strategy for any size company or operator.

Capital infusion from the sale of assets or the elimination of non-core inventory can provide cash for other projects and minimize
time, effort and expense of managing inventory that is taking away from other primary opportunities.

This can apply to a small number of assets or the sale and monetization of an entire company after years of growth and
development, such as the 2018 Link acquisitions of Key Outdoor and Waitt Outdoor – companies which had existed for decades.

Link approaches acquiring stand-alone businesses with the intention of employee retention beyond the sale – we’re not limited to
just buying permits, leases, contracts and poles.

Link is active in the acquisition marketplace, prepared to engage with interested sellers in confidential, real time dialog, and is
adequately capitalized to close transactions within an efficient time frame.

Link is proportionately the fastest growing outdoor company in the industry, with over 500% inventory growth from January 2018 to
January 2019, mostly from acquisitions.

If the time is right to explore divesting all or part of a company or a set of outdoor advertising assets, contact our Mergers and
Acquisitions group discreetly and in complete confidence.


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