Kankakee, ILLINOIS


The Kankakee/Bourbonnais/Bradley markets serve the agriculture and light industry sectors
surrounding the south side of Chicago. By providing a workforce, transportation, and logistics,
there is an ongoing stream of vehicle traffic in front of the Link billboards. For the many cities
served, search the interactive map, below.

Fast Facts of Kankakee

Population served:  600,000 across 5 counties   

Mean household income of $52,500 and a median age of 35.4

Largest Employers – Riverside & Cigna Healthcare, CSL Behring, Armstrong, Nucor Steel and Van Drunen Foods.

Billboards Work

Whether focused on a city or throughout the region

Link billboards are located on the heaviest traveled state roads, commuting routes and in local communities

Your ad will be seen, on the average, of between 80,000 and 100,000 viewers per week

Frequency or repetition is developed easily, as many vehicles travel the same route daily

Link advertising is smart because the reach is delivered for a very affordable cost per thousand

Why Billboards Make Sense

Ads are there 24/7, not tuned into or clicked on

Billboards are specific as directional and brand building for multiple locations

Billboards are #1 media to drive digital searches, enhancing any social media

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