The Link Omaha office covers 2.1 million people across 68 counties. From a solid concentration of statics and digitals in the Omaha metro to state roads throughout Nebraska and Eastern Iowa, we can connect you with the ‘Heartland’.

Our media mix includes traditional statics, flexible digitals and posters. Whether you are searching for a specific city or county to county coverage, Link has options that deliver your target within budgets that work. Search the interactive map, below.

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Fast Facts on the Omaha-Council Bluffs CSA

Population 1,300,000 for 40th largest city

Berkshire Hathaway plus 4 Fortune 1000 Headquarters

Transportation, Agriculture & Finance: FNB of Omaha, TDAmeritrade

Growth rate is 15% since 2010

Forbes ‘Best Bang for Your Buck” with Median Income $50,000

Billboards Work in Omaha

1 Million vehicles on the road Daily

Average commuting drive is 19 minutes one-way

Reach from up to 700,000 viewers,

Weekly with a single Link billboard

Why Billboards Make Sense

Ads are there 24/7, not tuned into or clicked on

Billboards are #1 media to drive digital searches

Seen: 62% of Adults notice Digital Billboards, monthly

Responsive: 57% visited the store after seeing the Digital Billboard ad


How much does it cost to advertise on a billboard?

Just like most media, billboards are priced on their audience delivery. The cost per 4-week period will vary based on the traffic – the number of people that see the ad, the size of the panel, what type of road it’s on, the psychographics of the viewers and more.

How long does it take to get a billboard ad up?

One of the advantages of digital billboards is that your ad can be posted within a few hours of final approved art. If the campaign involves vinyl billboards, your ad can generally be posted within two weeks of receiving your art approval and payment.

What is the difference between Digital Billboards and traditional Static Billboards.

The technology for Digital Displays has opened the door for billboards to be even more responsive to sponsor needs than traditional TV or Radio.

An advertiser can now post more than one piece of copy, at a time – rotating different offers or promotions.  You can daypart your messages – a morning ad can be different than an afternoon ad – or a Monday message can be different than Friday’s.

The advertiser can do a countdown, prompting consumer response – Sale Begins This Weekend – or  Only 2 Day Remaining.

The messages can include real time content such as temperature, time or weather forecast triggers.

Social media can be integrated, such as Facebook posts or Instagram photos.

How do ads work on Digital Billboards?

The process for creating digital billboard artwork is generally the same as for vinyl billboards. Our in-house design team is aware of special nuances that are part of digital displays , so it’s best to rely on their expertise.

Ad rotation on digital billboards is: There can be up to 8 different advertisers (segments) on one panel. Each ad is displayed for :10 seconds. Each advertiser or each segment gets 1080 ten second ads per day

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