Impact The Alabama Market

Over 27.7 Million people visit Alabama each year. This coupled with the 5 million native Alabama residents, creates an amazing opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand.

Keep the design & message simple

When creating a marketing message it’s tempting to go overboard. This can ultimately detract from the message you want your audience to see. With billboard advertising, simple is actually better.

The Call to Action

Your audience needs to know how to respond to your ad, so you need to tell them exactly what to do (i.e. call a phone number, turn right at next exit, visit a website, etc). Be sure your call to action is clear while keeping in mind that you you have a short window of opportunity to convey your message.

Billboards Over Reach TV

Where and how do you watch TV? Are you watching on your smartphone, tablet, computer, TV? Are you connecting with a satellite, cable, antenna, Wi-fi, live or on demand with your DVR, Amazon Fire, Roku or AppleTV?

TV advertising has become diluted with multiple delivery systems and just as many ways to avoid ads.


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