The combined MSA is ranked #13 in the US with 4.4 million residents. Link Media Outdoor addresses that region with “FL-01”. It is a double sided digital on I-4, the major route, between Tampa and Lakeland, Fl.

Link’s FL01 is on the property of the Florida State Fairgrounds and across from the Seminole Hard Rock Resort and Casino. As the Fairgrounds hosts events including concerts, auto shows, arts and crafts, and more, the viewership of the digital display multiplies. The Casino has just added a brand-new hotel with hundreds of rooms. This piece of Florida is becoming a larger destination, so the value of your message is increasing every month.

Fast Facts on the Tampa DMA

Greater Tampa Bay Area population of 4.6 million

Young with a Median Age of 35.4 and Average Household Income of $83,800

23.4% Growth in last 10 years

Focal point in the developing Jacksonville to Tampa to Orlando corridor

Billboards Work in Tampa

Tampa boasts the second worst traffic in Florida, FL-01RR generates 360,000 weekly impressions

1 in 5 commuters spend more than 45 minutes commuting one way

It’s a regional community with residents traveling distances to school, work, recreation, shopping

Interstate 4 is the primary fast track from central Florida to the Tampa-St. Pete’s business hub

Why Billboards Make Sense

Ads are there 24/7, not tuned into or clicked on

Billboards are #1 media to drive digital searches

Seen:  62% of Adults notice Digital Billboards, monthly

Responsive: 57% visited the store after seeing the Digital Billboard ad

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