Columbus has strong economic roots dating back to its role as a shipping center.  Located on the Chattahoochee River, the market of Columbus/Phenix City, Alabama has become a popular outdoor tourist destination.  Playing a strategic role for the country, Columbus is the home for the US Army’s Fort Benning.  The Fort’s economic engine supports affiliated companies, service organizations and 39,000 in outside staffing.

Advertising to the marketplace is convenient with Link’s distribution of digital billboards and traditional statics.  Link Columbus covers 1.4 million residents.  Search the interactive map, below.

Fast Facts on Columbus/Phenix City

Population in the MSA 309,000

Mean household income of $64,000 and a young median age of 33.9

Government spending for the Consolidated City-County & Ft. Benning

Home of AFLAC Insurance, TSYS, & WC Bradley

Billboards Work in Columbus/Phenix City

Link billboards are located on the heaviest traveled state roads and commuting routes

Your ad will be seen by, on the average, of between 80,000 and 100,000 viewers per week

Frequency or repetition is developed easily, as many Columbus vehicles travel the same route daily

Link advertising is smart because the reach is delivered for a very affordable cost per thousand

Why Billboards Make Sense

Ads are there 24/7, not tuned into or clicked on

Billboards are #1 media to drive digital searches

Seen:  62% of Adults notice Digital Billboards, monthly

Responsive: 57% visited the store after seeing the Digital Billboard ad

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